Important announcement regarding the change of venue due to the state funeral for Sir Paul Reeves

The KBB Music Festival Committee wishes to acknowledge the passing of Sir Paul Reeves, former Archbishop and Governor General of New Zealand.

Sir Paul’s funeral will take place at 11:00am on Thursday 18 August in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell.

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, while sympathetic to the effect that this event will have on the Festival, has exercised their right to requisition the Holy Trinity Cathedral for the entire day of Sir Paul’s State Funeral and the day preceding (Wednesday 17th of August).

While it is the intention of the committee to contact each school by phone, in the meantime, please contact your bus company and change your destination to the following venues:

  • Concert Bands Westlake Boys’ High School Auditorium 30 Forrest Hill Road, Takapuna
  • Stage Bands Westlake Girls’ High School Hall 2 Wairau Road, Takapuna

The Committee wishes to thank the Management and Music Departments at both of these schools for facilitating this change.

The sessions will occur at the same time as the original schedule so, in some cases, significant changes will have to be made to your plans.

There will be free buses running in the interval between sessions 1 and 2, for groups to transfer between venues, should they need to do so. Please check the school you need to be picked up from and notify your bus company.

The Committee is aware that this change is a significant one, especially for schools who are South and East of the City and thank schools for making changes to their travel plans. It is hoped that the Festival Committee will be able to make a small contribution to any added cost, with financial support from the Department of Internal Affairs.

A representative from the KBB Festival Committee will be in direct contact with Musical Directors of the affected groups as soon as possible to answer any concerns you may have.

Rules for the Festival in these venues will stay the same as for those in the Holy Trinity Cathedral and St Mary’s. Stage Bands will remain in the venue for the duration of their session and will warm up on-stage to create the same experience for groups in both venues.

Please be assured that every effort is being made to maintain the high standard of the 2011 KBB Music Festival experience.

Thank you for your understanding in light of the solemn events on this day of national significance.

Download the PDF of this announcement here.

Warmest regards,
Trevor Thwaites

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