Call for KBB Music Festival Alumni

ASSMFT LogoIn celebration of the 30th year of the KBB Music Festival (formerly known as the Auckland Secondary Schools Band and Orchestra Festival) we would like to hear from previous participants who are now well-known for their endeavours or careers; musical or otherwise.

We are hoping to create some commemorative artwork incorporating alumni photos, schools, successes and year/s of involvement in the festival. This is purely for the purpose of inspiring current players at this year’s festival (we are in no way seeking sponsorship or time commitment).

If you know of anyone in your school alumni who might have played in the festival in the past please pass on their contact details to us so that we can make contact and seek their permission. Email: We will do the rest.

Some of the alumni may also wish to be involved in the Honours mixed schools Concert Orchestra that we are hosting on Friday 23rd in the evening, and would also be invited to attend the Gala concerts on Sunday 25th August. Details of this event are available here.

Kind Regards,
Warwick Robinson
Administrator KBBMF
Administrator KBBMF

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  1. Natalie Lin went to St Cuthbert’s College, leaving in 2006. She played violin in Black Watch Orchestra and Sebastian Squad. Natalie has studied violin in Texas and will begin a PhD in performance soon. She was a semifinalist in this year’s Michael Hill International Violin Competition.

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