Joyce Fisher Mentoring

Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust, the KBB Music Festival is able to make a number of awards each year, at the recommendation of the adjudicators and festival committee, to groups who may benefit from mentoring by musicians with a significant experience in a specific field.

The Joyce Fisher Mentoring programme offers participants four 90 minute sessions with a director/s from an established KBB Music Festival ensemble, or another musician with significant experience, which can be used in any way they feel would benefit them. Suggestions include:

  • Guest conductor
  • Assistance with conducting-technique / score preparation
  • Rehearsal observation (observing the conductor and giving feedback on what works and doesn’t work)
  • Tuning workshops
  • Specific instrumental workshop – e.g. strings, flutes, trombones, percussion…
  • Choosing repertoire
  • Establishing a ‘culture’ within a musical ensemble
  • Other areas in which mentoring is requested

Joyce Fisher Mentoring Awards will be announced each year as part of the Gala Concert celebrations.

If you would like to express particular interest in being considered for this mentoring, please get in touch with the festival.