Honours Programme

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In 2016 we are pleased to announce both an honours Concert Band and an honours Chamber Orchestra.

Please read the following information before entering below.

This year, the KBB Music Festival Honours Programme musicians will assemble on Friday August 19th, between 5:00pm and 8:30pm, at Holy Trinity Cathedral and St Mary’s Church to rehearse and perform. It is an opportunity to come together and work collegially, and also to work with either of our two highly respected music educators.


  • Eric Whitacre – Lux Aurumque
  • Roland Barrett – Dreams and Proclamations
  • Michael Markowski – Shadow Rituals


  • Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings
  • Skalkottas – Five Greek Dances

Please note that places in the programme are limited and organisers will have the final say when placing applicants in each ensemble. Our goal is to create two ensembles of the highest standard, but in our selection process we also strive to represent a range of Auckland schools and aim to give opportunities to a range of our finest young musicians. All students will receive a certificate to mark their participation in the 2016 KBB Music Festival Honours Programme. We would also ask that all successful applicants attend the session wearing school uniform as this is a great way for outstanding musicians to represent their schools. A number of commemorative photographs will be taken of this event and these will be readily available to schools/students via the KBB Music Festival Facebook page.


  • 5:00pm – intensive rehearsals
  • 7:30pm – break
  • 8:00pm – free concert for parents, teachers and public
  • 8:30pm – finish

Players should bring a snack to eat during the rehearsal break.

The player list will be released on the Facebook page closer to the festival.